How B2B Email Marketing Can Turn Leads Into Sales

Written by Alyssa DiLascio, Social Media Coordinator

You might be surprised to learn how many customers are on their email throughout the day. According to Mark Murphy from Forbes, the average person checks their email about 15 times a day and according to Susan Cullen from Nexalearning, 49% of US employees check their work email every few hours while they’re off duty. The amount of employees and customers that spend their time on email should send business owners a sign. Businesses are still using email marketing to connect with followers, turn leads into customers, and engage audiences with news, promotions, information, and special deals. However, to nurture a lead like this, personalizing and customizing your communication is vital. To make a real impact, you must send the right types of emails at the right time and use your communications strategically to avoid overwhelming leads that aren’t yet fully cultivated. Here, we’ll talk about different ways you can turn those leads into sales.

One of the most critical aspects of B2B marketing is creating strategic messaging that resonates with your audience. You want to immediately grab their attention and get results. The first thing to do is understand your prospect. What are their needs? What are their interests? What does each prospect care about the most? One may be focused on driving sales, while another may be focused on increasing revenue and visibility. It’s important to remember a generic email sent to dozens or hundreds of B2B prospects isn’t likely to get the kind of response you are hoping for, or deserve. You can start getting this information by looking on a targeted LinkedIn search. You will be able to find their responsibilities, goals and priorities. Drill into individual profiles and identify pain points that you can target. 

With a LinkedIn search, you can also find information on that industries specific language. It can be helpful to study a company’s website and online conversations to find out what topic they are most often talking about and what language they use. Does your prospect address people in conversational tones or choose more formal or technical-sounding words? By studying the prospects’ language, you can alter your emails’ language that grabs their attention even more. 

Once you find out more information about your prospect, you’ll then want to create a clear call to action. You can do this by offering more free tips and educating the prospect on why else they may need the product or service.  For example, link them to a blog post or suggest that they read a post which offers more information about this different approach. With this, you’re not pressuring them, but offering more information to learn about your product/service. It is known more prospects are likely to be interested when you offer education and learn about their needs first. 

One last tip that can take leads into sales is the consistency and high-quality content of your emails. Nobody likes clickbait articles or emails. So, if you master the art of creating catchy subject lines, but the email content fails to live up to their promises, then it won’t take long for them to stop clicking and throw it in the trash. Make sure the content constantly surprises, impresses, and adds value to your subscribers. You’ll discover your readers will always be eager to read your content and pay attention to the recommendations you deliver. 

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